2024 Jess Kronquist and Blue Ribbon Circle Scholarships

2024 Scholarship Application
Our 2024 Jess Kronquist & Blue Ribbon Circle Scholarship application is available! The deadline is May 7th, with scholarship interviews to be held on the evening of May 16th. Any Foothills-area resident seeking further education is eligible to apply! Applicants MUST live within the boundaries of the Foothills (within Fire District 9, served by Station 96).
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Foothills Rural Association Scholarship History

By Mike Britton

(from the spring 2024 newsletter)


The Foothills Rural Association Board received $10,000 from the estate of Jess Kronquist, lifetime resident of the Foothills, upon his passing in 1989. Jim Wallrabenstein was then the treasurer and suggested the board use that gift to fund a scholarship, using the funds as an endowment providing interest to pay for those awards.


In those days interest rates were high and the awards began in the $500 range. The Blue Ribbon Circle also received a $10,000 gift from Kronquist and has financially supported the FRA Scholarship Program emphasizing High School graduates.


Today the Jess Kronquist Memorial Scholarship is going strong. Subsequently, another donor contributed $1,000 many years later. The FRA Board chose to increase the amount awarded annually due to supportive funding of the Association’s numerous activities.


From 2002 through 2023, the FRA has awarded a total of $54,000 to residents expanding their educations. Amounts awarded in prior years has not been tracked but is probably in the neighborhood of an additional $5000.


There have been dozens of other contributors to the Scholarship Committee through the donations jar at our events and contributions through the due’s participation process. This amounts to thousands of dollars in support of this program. The residents’ generosity is heartwarming and appreciated.


Recently, a relatively new resident who chooses to remain anonymous, contributed $15,000 to the Scholarship Committee. Jean L. Patterson, lifetime resident of the Foothills community, recently contributed $20,000 to the Scholarship Committee. She recognizes need as very important and wants awards to support those more financially needy with likely success from award assistance.


In light of these contributions and additional interest earned from them, the Board budgeted $6,000 to be awarded to Foothills residents in 2024 after applications, review, and selections by the Scholarship Committee. This is awesome support for a small organization such as ours.


Many residents have chaired and participated with the Scholarship Committee. I can’t recall all of those participants, but Carol Stoll has participated since I can remember. Other contributors include Cindy Kaelin, Joyce Roskelley, Dawn Keig, me, many teachers, and dozens of others, with JoAnn Davis currently the Scholarship Committee Chair. A large debt of gratitude is due all of those who have served the FRA, as well as the Scholarship Committee.


Thank You!

February 18, 2024

2023 Jess Kronquist & Blue Ribbon Circle Scholarships Awarded

Ellie Syverson
Graduated from East Valley High School as Valedictorian in 2022

Through the Running Start program, she completed two full years at Eastern Washington University during her junior and senior years of high school. She transferred to University of Montana, where she is finishing her third year of college as a true freshman. She is pursuing a five year degree and plans on graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. Her goal is to then get accepted into the University of Washington’s PA school in Spokane where she will further her education in the medical field. Her ultimate aspiration is to work abroad on a medical mission’s team.
Ellie played varsity basketball all four years at EVHS and was team captain for Junior and senior year. In 2022 she was named Female Student-Athlete of the year and First Team All-League for the GNL. Ellie is the daughter of Sean and Andrea Syverson.

Ellie was awarded $1,000.


Sarah Friendshuh
Graduated from Mt. Spokane High School in 2023
She is enrolled at Spokane Falls Community College as a full-time Running Start student and is looking
forward to continuing her studies at Carroll College in Helena, Montana, as a Biology/Pre-Med major.
Her goal is to complete her biology major, complete a medical degree, and then become a doctor.
Sarah accepted the leadership role as the head of the FRA Youth Committee and managed the youth
events for the last six years. Her efforts and dedication to the FRA youth is greatly appreciated and will be sorely missed as she moves onto the next chapter of her education. Thank You Sarah
Sarah is the daughter of Mark and Sandra Friendshuh. Sarah was awarded $1,000 and was also recognized as this year’s Blue Ribbon Circle designee.

Eli Amend
Graduated from Mt. Spokane High School in 2023
He participated in honors classes including AP engineering driven classes to get college credit.
He plans on attending the University of Idaho for Mechanical Engineering.
Eli is an Eagle Scout (BSA) and is a founding member of Troop 203, and served in many leadership positions, including a Senior Patrol Leader as well as running the troop. He also lettered in orchestra and band all four years of high school.
Eli is the son of Jon and Kristi Amend. Eli was awarded $500

Leah Syverson
Graduated from East Valley High School as Valedictorian.
She is currently in her junior year at Eastern Washington University.  Through the Running Start program, she completed two full years at Eastern Washington University during her junior and senior years of high school. She chose to stay at EWU to finish her degree, a double major in political science pre-law and international affairs. With this degree, she plans to attend law school and hopes to become an international lawyer.  As a student at EWU Leah has tutored Biology while earning her College Reading Language Arts
certificate in levels one through three. She was appointed as a court justice for the Associated Students
of EWU. The skills associated with this appointment; Legal documentation of the school, student affairs, elections, and analysis of constitutional bylaws, directly complement her future life goals.
Leah is the daughter of Sean and Andrea Syverson. Leah was awarded $1,000.

The Foothills Rural Association in conjunction with the Blue Ribbon Circle awarded a total of $2,500 in scholarships to residents of the Foothills in 2022. Finalists were interviewed at the Community Center on the evening of Thursday, May 19, 2022. The 2022 scholarship committee interviewers were JoAnn Davis, Cindy Kaelin, Carol Stoll, and Karen Feyk.


We appreciate that every school year gives all students challenges, and we offer encouragement for all students to keep up the great work. We thank all of this year’s applicants for representing the Foothills so well and encourage future candidates to mark their calendars and apply for scholarship support in 2023!

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