The Foothills Rural Association, 11000 N. Forker Road, was established as a non-profit corporation under section 502(c)4 of the Internal Revenue Code on December 12, 1983.  The purposes of the corporation are to organize the property owners and/or current residents within the boundaries of Fire District 9 Station 6 to provide a forum by which the property owners and/or current residents can assist governmental agencies in better planning the use and resources of the Foothills area; and to preserve and protect the rural agricultural environment.


Voting Membership in the Association is open to any property owner or current resident within the Foothills boundaries. Membership dues are $20 per year. Non-voting Membership is available to others through payment of dues.


The Association is governed by elected volunteer officers and a board of directors.


FRA Alerts system has been established in an effort to increase community awareness about crime occurring in our area. Residents are encouraged to report ALL crimes to Crime Check, 456-2233. After making a report, please email Steve at or rfkrenkel@