Current FRA & Foothills News & Events

2021 Jess Kronquist Scholarship Applications Due

3/29/2021 - Each year the FRA and the Blue Ribbon Circle team up to award approx. $3,000 in scholarships to worthy Foothills residents pursuing extended education.  And thanks to the generosity of the Foothills community, this year we will be able to award an additional $500 COVID hardship scholarship to one applicant.


Please see the Scholarship Information page for more details and the application form.

2021 FRA Annual Meeting

Please see the information on this page (link) for meeting information.

2020 FRA Christmas Party - Canceled

This years 2020 FRA Christmas Party has been canceled.

Movie Shoot in the Foothills

February 18, 2020 - Have you ever wanted to be in the movies? Abundant House Films, a local production company, is creating a family friendly, holiday, romantic comedy, shooting in Coeur d'Alene and here in the Foothills! They would love to include members of the Foothills community in this locally-made film as background extras.

Date Window: Sometime between March 21st-April 5th
Times: Ranging from a few hours to up to 2 full days
Locations: Holly Lane Tree Farm (confirmed) and other pending locations local to the Foothills community
Demographics: All ages and races, families welcome (no unaccompanied children please)
How to be involved: Please EMAIL and mention that you are interested in being an extra. Once they know more about the specific days/times/locations the production staff will email you back.

So get on the list so you are in the know, and also tell all of your friends and neighbors about this unique opportunity!


To learn more about Abundant House Films, go to   

Summer Road Construction Coming

See our Foothills News section for further information - Link

Continued Reports of Mail Theft

March 9, 2019 - Mail theft in the Foothills continues to be a problem with new reports coming in from the Norman, Foothills and Scribner roads area specifically.  This appears to be a more frequent problem this winter in particular.  A number of gate locks were also found to be broken.  The Sheriff has made a number of arrests this last few months but the problem does continue.


To report ANY crime or suspicious behavior, please contact the Spokane County Sheriff's Office Crime Check at 509-456-2233. 

Website Update

February 13, 2019 - If your reading this, you will notice a bit of a change to FRA website appearance but hopefully no changes to the quality and information available to our Foothills residents.


The website has been moved to a new hosting platform and stewardship of the site is now being managed by Steve Keig, a local Foothills resident since 2014 and current FRA board member.


Many thanks go out to David Fisher for his many years of managing the FRA website.  The board and residents can never begin to thank him enough for the many years of service that he provided to our community, keeping us informed and to date on the happenings in our neighborhoods.


We are working hard to bring over all of the history contained in the old website so please be patient while photos, documents and stories from the past are put in our history folders.

Mail Theft

January 11, 2019 - Recently, 16 pieces of discarded mail were found in a ditch on Lincoln Rd and it was returned to the Post Office to re-deliver.

Also, a Foothills resident was notified by the Post Office that some of her mail, including a check was stolen.

So, there appears to be an active mail thief in our neighborhood.

Getting the word out the best we can might enable residents to be more vigilant and maybe we can deter some of this problem.

Children's Christmas Party

On December 7th at 6:30pm the FRA Community Center will once again be an early arrival destination for Santa and his elves at the annual FRA Christmas Party!  Plenty of fun activities, tasty treats, and special presents await all kids in attendance.  This is a wonderful tradition here in the foothills, and there are guaranteed smiles all around.