Current News in the Foothills

Photos of the Bigelow Gulch Roadwork

8/25/2020 - Some recent photos of the Bigelow/Forker road construction from the Spokane County public works page.  The project manager Mick Flugel  also indicated that paving work will begin on 9/14/2020 for a couple of days, and that final expected opening of the road is anticipated to be the end of September.  He indicated that a couple of problems cropped up around the William's Gas Pipeline and some AT&T fiber optic that created short term delays on the project timeline.

Summer Road Construction - Continued

2/21/2020 - Updates from the Spokesman-Review on the construction this summer:

Summer Road Construction 2020

2/18/2020 - Forker Road from the new intersection at Bigelow, south to the base of the hill (Progress), will be constructed this year, according to Mick Flugel at the County Engineers Office. He stated that there would be closures due to the constrictive canyon and lack of nearby bypasses.


Mr. Flugel stated that the final connection from the base of the hill to the intersection of
Wellesley at Sullivan is funded and scheduled for next year (2021). The intersection will be signalized.

The final remaining segment of Bigelow from west of Palmer Road, east to west of
Argonne will be constructed next year as well.

From the Spokane County Public Works Page

Bigelow Gulch Road Project 5


Project No: CRP-2990

Project Manager: Mick Flugel

Project timeline: Construction will begin in mid-April 2020 and will be completed around mid-August 2020. 

Project Description: Replacing the existing 2 lane road (which has narrow lanes, no shoulders, and multiple vertical curves) with a 4 lane road (with a 12’ turn lane or center median, 8’ shoulders and 12’ climbing lanes where needed). 

Project Update: Add date is January 8th, 2020. Bidding is on January 29th, 2020 and construction will start soon after.

More Bigelow/Forker Closures

4/10/19 - Looks like more work on the intersection of Forker & Bigelow Gulch next week as the underpass is going to be closed again from 4/13 - 4/25.  As anyone knows who has utilized the underpass, that section didn't survive the winter well and the temporary work there will be replaced with a much better pavement project.  Here's keeping our fingers crossed.


Also of note, it appears that the early stages of Bigelow Gluch west of the Forker interchange are beginning to take shape, with survey markers, phone pole relocation and construction equipment arriving on site.  The Spokane County public works site doesn't have any additional updates on this at this time.

Antoine Peak gets additional acreage

3/3/2019 - According to the Spokesman Review, Spokane County has purchased an additional 231 acres adjacent to the Antoine Peak conservation area for trails and habitat preservation.  The sale is expected to close on May 24, 2019.  


Link to the article.


Link to the Washington Trails page

Forker Road/Bigelow Gulch Updates

 Latest update from the Spokane County department of Public Works:


The Forker Hill (between Pleasant Prairie and Progress) has reopened for traffic. At the bottom of the hill, motorists are traveling on a “temporary alignment” and the speed limit is 25 MPH. The actual realignment of Forker Road will not be completed until late October/early November, depending on weather conditions. PLEASE – slow down, put down your cell phone, and be alert for workers near the roadway.

Van Jacobson Update

Dear Foothills Friends,


We wanted to take the opportunity to thank each and every person who has been praying and/or financially helped us with the medical bills during Dad's recovery.  He is doing very good considering this horrendous ordeal.  You are priceless and we appreciate each and every soul contributing towards his healing!


Uff da (as my Norwegian grandfather would say)!  There are still eight areas on his lower legs that need fixing.  He will be heading over to Harborview for his sixth surgery, which is scheduled for September 21st.   The Lord is continuing to keep infection at bay as we clean and cover these areas once a day.  He is out walking to stretch and strengthen the muscles and skin.  He was even seen taking a little ride around the wheat field with our wonderful local farmers Kevin and Cindy Kaelin.  Bless their hearts!  He made it up those combine stairs!!  Once a farmer, always a farmer!


Please watch the gofundme site (  for news of our upcoming bbq.  We are inviting those who have contributed in any way to his recovery (as a thank you) and for an opportunity to see him and encourage him in person as he continues to heal.  Some time in October, pending his latest surgical recovery.


Thank you again from our family to yours and God bless you always


The Jacobson Family