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The Foothills is a great place to start your outdoor adventures.  Activities include Hiking, Skiing on Mt. Spokane, easy access to the Spokane River and much more.


Situated in the Foothills below Mt. Spokane.


While there is a natural beauty of the Foothills, it's the People what make this area special.

2021 FRA Annual Meeting

Please see the information on Upcoming FRA Events page for meeting information.

Updated News & Photos of the Bigelow Gulch Roadwork

Please see the Foohills News section for recent photos of the roadwork project.

Foothills Land for Lease - Agricultural

Please see the Business section for a 9 acre land plot for lease.

2020 Jess Kronquist Scholarships Awarded

Please see the Scholarship Information page for more details.

Shoutout - MacArthur Co. Roofing

The FRA would like to send out a very special thank you to McArthur Roofing, located on Broadway east of Fancher.  MacArthur Roofing has donated a bundle of roofing for repairs to the wind damaged roof of the cottage. We want to thank them by recognizing their contribution and patronizing their business.  The FRA rents out this cottage and it provides a significant amount of proceeds to the association.  Upkeep and maintenance is a key part of our stewardship of the FRA buildings and this donation is significant for us.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!

Have you ever wanted to be in the movies? Abundant House Films, a local production company, is creating a family friendly, holiday, romantic comedy, shooting in Coeur d'Alene and here in the Foothills! They would love to include members of the Foothills community in this locally-made film as background extras.

Date Window: Sometime between March 21st-April 5th
Times: Ranging from a few hours to up to 2 full days
Locations: Holly Lane Tree Farm (confirmed) and other pending locations local to the Foothills community
Demographics: All ages and races, families welcome (no unaccompanied children please)
How to be involved: Please EMAIL and mention that you are interested in being an extra. Once they know more about the specific days/times/locations the production staff will email you back.

So get on the list so you are in the know, and also tell all of your friends and neighbors about this unique opportunity!


To learn more about Abundant House Films, go to   

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