Founders Day - October 2004

Founder’s Day, 2004
by Mike Britton

October 2, 2004 was a spectacular sunny day perfect for the Foothills Rural Association’s annual Founder’s Day. This year’s event was marked by the first ever Show-N-Shine, which began in the afternoon Saturday before dinner was served. Ed Arnhold approached the FRA about having the event where residents could show off their vehicles, machinery, and farm implements in a no rules unstructured gathering. It sounded good and was a great kickoff for the later Longhorn Barbeque provided free of charge for the community.


Among the participants with automobiles were Mahlon Goolsbey and his 1953 Oldsmobile, the same one featured on the Napa Calendar. Also were Jerry Mellon’s ’50 Chevy, Mike and Dani Atwood and their ’56 Chevy. “210”, Jonathan Gibbs and his ’66 Charger, and Jane Anderson’s very purple ’57 Chevy. Pickup.


Also Rod and Karen Feyk brought their 1948 Harley Model “G” red fire Trike, a ’91 Harley Heritage, a 2002 Screaming Eagle, and a couple of antique farm pumps, as did Howard Capell and others. Russ and Joan Anderson brought their restored ’36 Farmall and his ’60 Austin Healy. There were numerous other shiny cars, farm tractors and implements including a couple of old Farmalls, a Corvette, a ‘30’s car, a bright red pickup, and other Chargers. I may have missed a couple, but we surely enjoyed all of the shiny old steel and the stories and efforts their restorations illustrate.


The FRA and the community would like to thank Ed Arnhold for arranging this event.It was very popular and may become a regular “icing” for the Founder’s Day Event.Also, we should be impressed at the artistic expertise and resources locally devoted to the beautiful restorative work demonstrated by these machines.


Thanks again to all of the participants.


The Longhorn food was served after 5:30 and the quickly formed lines were from the immediate filling of all of the Center’s tables.There were approximately 125 Foothills residents that enjoyed the free dinner provided by the FRA. In addition, donations at the door for the FRA Scholarship Fund totaled $310.